Designed for Danger Portal 2
About Designed for Danger

Designed for Danger is a Portal 2 Campaign that offers eight new levels and 1 to 2 hours of play time.

In the campaign, you assume the role of Chell during an early part of Portal 2. This time however, things turn out differently. The actions of a rogue force will set you on a new path through Aperture Laboratories.

Watch your step and prepare for adventure!

Credits for Designed for Danger

Created by

Patrick Murphy (www)


FromWhereYouAre font by Kimberly Geswein
Brook 23 font by Miguel Angel Rios Garcia
Portal 2 by Valve

Testing & Feedback

Frieder 'e-freak' Erdmann (www)
Mark 'Jenn0bing' Foreman (www)
David 'Dejavo' Fornborg
Alexander 'ledalex' Forsberg
Magnar 'insta' Jenssen (www)
Sven 'Svenpa' Jonsson
Valentin '3dnj' Levillain (www)
Per Magnusson
Jason 'Generalvivi' Mojica (www)
Francois 'Furyo' Roughol (www)
Andreas 'SvDvorak' Wilcox
Daniel 'washington' Wilcox
Joakim Wiman

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